With the state of the economy in California, it is no wonder that MANY families who have the responsibility of caring for their loved ones are struggling.  For some, being able to take a much needed break is out of their budget completely.

We are asking for your financial assistance to help us sponsor our clients for either our annual BIG Trip or for our Recreation Dances (monthly) or for an extra weekend or two at one of our Respite Weekend Programs.

$20 buys a Recreation Event.

$150 buys a Respite Weekend Night.

$500 can make a BIG Trip a reality!

Please make your ongoing contribution today!

We ensure our employees are current in their licensing and training; so you don't have to worry.  Expect the best.

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Special Events

Whether a day trip to a museum or a sporting event, or a weekend in Disneyland we're always planning for our next big adventure!

When a caregiver gets a good nights' rest, everybody benefits. Our Weekend Respite program serves the whole family.  

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Our Mission:  STARR is dedicated to providing intellectually or developmentally challenged adults with superior programs that promote social skills through activities and respite for individuals and their families.

Our employees are finger printed through the Department of Justice, licensed in their specialties and insured.

You are always in good hands.

Socialization Through Activities, Respite and Recreation